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As a Massachusetts public charter school, PVCICS's curriculum is aligned with the Common Core/Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (MCFs) standards and learning strands for Arts, English Language Arts, Foreign Languages, Comprehensive Health, Mathematics, History/Social Science, Science and Technology/Engineering. PVCICS’s curriculum addresses the learner outcomes for all Massachusetts students at a given grade level. Instructional strategies and resources are compatible with best practices in immersion education. Teachers develop unit and lesson plans that address learner outcomes as well as describe instructional delivery using best practices in immersion education.

In K-5 grades, some core subjects are taught in English and some in Chinese.  For subjects taught in Chinese, PVCICS adapts and develops instructional resources that are either aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (MCFs) or are easily aligned to produce grade appropriate and linguistically accessible Chinese teaching materials. Where possible, curricular resources are adapted to support PVCICS’s cultural mission. Adaptation of English language curriculum for use in immersion programs is a strategy that has been successfully implemented in Chinese immersion programs.

We teach Chinese calligraphy to reinforce literacy and develop fine motor skills.

In 6-8th grades, students take five core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies/History and Chinese) and take three specials classes (art, music and PE) for the entire school year.  In 8th grade, students may take Algebra I if they've passed a placement test. Students have Chinese everyday for two hours.  Other classes are taught in English.  PVCICS offers two threads of Chinese starting in 6th grade: one for those who were at PVCICS for elementary immersion in K-5 and one for new students entering in 6th grade. 

In 9-10th grades, the curriculum is designed to prepare students for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme planned for 11th and 12th grades.  Students take five core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies/History and Chinese) and three specials classes (art, music and PE/health).  Students have Chinese everyday for two hours.  Other classes are taught in English.  PVCICS offers a third thread of Chinese for new high school students. 

In 11-12th grades, all students will take six International Baccalaureate classes each year to meet the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme.  IB classes are two year classes in 11-12th grades.  Students will as core subjects, English, Math (one of three levels), History, Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics),  and Chinese  (one of three levels).  In addition, the IB Diploma Programme requires a Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class, an Extended Essay, and Community, Action and Service (CAS) hours (as a volunteer).