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Bookmaking: Calligraphy = Language + Art

At PVCICS, Chinese language, art and culture is integrated into the curriculum. The arts are taught using Chinese as the language of instruction.
These photos show a pilot project where students were the makers, authors and illustrators of their own books. The bookmaker is an artist-in-residency.
Chinese calligraphy is taught to our students to show the connection between Chinese language and art. In China, calligraphy is considered one of the highest art forms. Calligraphy reinforces their Chinese literacy and enhances their understanding of it as an art. In addition, students learn brush painting to develop their skills using a brush and ink.
Calligraphy lessons suport Chinese literacy.   
Our calligraphy teacher, Wang Laoshi, was first introduced to calligraphy when she was nine years old in Taiwan.  She started learning brush painting at age eleven.  She earned numerous rewards in Taiwan for her works in both brush painting and calligraphy.  Wang Laoshi's lessons  reinforce Chinese culture by teaching the traditional brush painting elements (bambo, panda, swallow...etc.) to her students.  Brush painting is also a good method to develop students' skills in using a brush, ink and calligraphy strokes.  
Photo below: To increase knowledge of Chinese arts, one of our 6th graders is learning to be a junior docent at the Springfield Museums. Our middle school students are teamed with Springfield Public School high school students. Together they learn about Chinese artwork from a museum docent trainer (in center, dressed in blue).
Students are assigned specific art works in the Chinese collection and then learn how to present them to the public.
Our students are paired with Springfield high school students who are taking Chinese to form a collaborative learning experience.
Bookmaker, Ms. Hunt, training teachers (above) and then in class teaching Kindergarten and 2nd grade students (below).
Photo below: A 6th grader making his own book.
An example of a 1st grader's handmade book is below. The story is written in Chinese and English.