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Winter 2015/16 Sports 

The winter sports season at PVCICS begins on Monday November 30th, 2015.  There will be 4 new basketball teams this year: Boys Middle School, Girls Middle School, Boys High School, and Girls High School.  The Girls HS team will be a cooperative team with Hampden Charter School.  The other 3 teams will be made up of PVCICS players and will play home games in the PVCICS gym.  The following times have been scheduled for practices beginning the week of November 30th:

Mondays and Wednesdays  4:30-5:30   Boys Middle School

Tuesdays and Thursdays    4:30-5:30   Girls MIddle School

Fridays                             4:30-5:30  Hadley Rec Grade 4

Monday-Thursday.            5:30-7:00   Boys High School

The following schedules are to be considered incomplete tentative as additional games will be added as they are confirmed with other teams.


Middle School Girls Basketball
Coach: Mr. Jeff Doherty

12/15/2015Gateway RegionalGateway6:00 PM
12/16/2015Hopkins AcademyPVCICS5:30 PM
12/23/2015Quaboag RegionalPVCICS3:30 PM
1/7/2016Hopkins AcademyPVCICS4:30 PM
1/19/2016Bement SchoolDeerfield Academy7:00 PM
1/21/2016Frontier RegionalPVCICS4:30 PM
1/27/2016Gateway RegionalPVCICS5:00 PM
1/29/2016LongmeadowPVCICS5:00 PM
2/4/2106LongmeadowLongmeadow3:30 PM
2/8/2016Quaboag RegionalQuaboag Regional4:45 PM
2/9/2016Hopkins AcademyHopkins Academy4:30 PM
2/16/2016Bement SchoolPVCICS4:00 PM

Middle School Boys Basketball
Coach: Mr. Seamus Bell

12/10/2015Eaglebrook SchoolEaglebrook School5:00 PM
12/16/2015Smith AcademySmith Academy4:30 PM
12/23/2015Quaboag RegionalPVCICS4:30 PM
1/8/2016Four RiversPVCICS4:30 PM
1/12/2016Smith AcademyPVCICS4:30 PM
1/14/2015Bay State AcademyPVCICS4:30 PM
1/19/2016Bement SchoolDeerfield Academy7:00 PM
1/22/2016Four RiversIndoor Action Greenfield4:00 PM
2/1/2016Valley ViewValley View5:00 PM
2/8/2016Quaboag RegionalQuaboag Regional3:30 PM
2/16/2016Bement SchoolPVCICS5:00 PM

High School Boys Basketball
Coach: Mr. Andrew Sanders

12/15/2015Gateway RegionalGateway Regional4:30 PM3:00 PM
12/16/2015Hopkins AcademyPVCICS6:30 PMN/A
12/18/2015Quaboag RegionalPVCICS5:00 PMN/A
1/4/20126LongmeadowLongmeadow HS3:30 PM2:00 PM
1/8/2015Bay State AcademyDunbar Community Center4:00 PM2:30 PM
1/13/2016Smith AcademyPVCICS5:00 PMN/A
1/14/2015Bay State AcademyPVCICS6:00 PMN/A
1/22/2015Valley ViewValley View4:00 PM2:30 PM
1/25/2016Smith AcademySmith Academy3:15 PM2:00 PM
1/27/2016GatewayPVCICS6:30 PMN/A
1/31/2016Phoenix AcademyDunbar Community Center6:45 PMN/A
2/4/2016Springfield CentralPVCICS5:30 PMN/A
2/9/2016Valley ViewPVCICS5:00 PMN/A
TBDSpringfield Sci-TechSci-Tech HSTBDTBD