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January 3, 2019

Board of Trustees
Agenda January 3, 2019 at 6:00 PM
Location: PVCICS, 317 Russell Street, Hadley, MA
Agenda (time estimates in minutes)
1.      Call to Order
2.      Public Comment (5)
3.      Administrative items (10)
a.      Approval of December 6, 2018, meeting minutes – vote
b.      Reschedule date for February 2019 meeting
c.      Status of request to DESE to approve revised BoT bylaws
4.      Committee & Task Force Reports (20)
a.      Finance Committee Report (10)
                                                  i.      Banking/Savings Options
                                                ii.      403B – work in progress
b.      Personnel Committee (5)
c.      Trusteeship Committee – vote (5)
5.      Follow up on 12/17/18 webinar on Board’s roles with respect to charter school leaders (20)
a.      Professional responsibility of Board members
b.      Review of ED 2018-2019 SY goals
6.      Expansion Request Update: Save the Date: BESE meeting on January 22, 2019 (5)
7.      Principal’s Update (10)
8.      Executive Director’s Update (20)
a.      Enrollment update
b.      Media and public relations activity
                                                    i.     Gazette 12/14/18 opinion piece from twelve superintendents
                                                   ii.     Commissioner Riley visit?

c.      Continued engagement with National Security Education Board

d.      Exploring bus funding options
e.      Status of request for info on school lunch program
f.       Facilities
9.      Board Self-Assessment Survey Launch (10)
10.   Board Retreat (15)
a.      Purpose
b.      Timing
c.      Need volunteers to coordinate
11.   Board Members’ Updates (10)

12.   New Business (5)


As per Open Meeting Law, this announcement meeting has been posted in the PVCICS office, sent to the Secretary of State’s office, fax: 617-742-4822 and posted online at