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March 23, 2019 - Retreat

Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School Board of Trustees Retreat

March 23, 2019

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Amherst Police Station Community Room

111 Main St.

Amherst, MA 01002





What are we supposed to be doing as Board members?

Charter Schools Board of Trustees Governance Training





What does each of us bring to our work as Board members?

Asset Mapping




What aspects of our work and the school do we especially care about right now? Why?




Which issues do we want to focus on as a Board? Why?



12:30-2:30 (40 minutes for each of three issues)

For each issue that we want to focus on, what is our goal?

For each goal, what strategic issues are involved?

What might a strategic plan to achieve our goals involve?




What processes should we put in place to keep us focused on our goals?


As per Open Meeting Law, this announcement meeting has been posted in the PVCICS office and sent to the Secretary of State’s office, fax: 617-742-4822 and the Executive Office for Administration & Finance, fax: 617-727-2779