August 27, 2010 ED Interview Process

To: PVCICS Community

From: Board of Trustees
Re: Process for Candidates for Executive Director Position Meetings with Parents, Teachers, and Search Committee


For Meeting on Friday, August 27, 2010

--Interviews – The following is the schedule for the two candidates to be interviewed for this position.

11:00-11:45 Candidate A Search Committee Interview, followed by an 11:45 ~ 12:15 meeting with teachers, parents, and search committee.

Process for Parent/Teacher Meeting with Candidate

The 30 minute session will be moderated by a Board member and conducted as follows:

3 minutes- Introduction of candidate by Search Committee

10 minutes- Candidate’s presentation/remarks

15 minutes- Questions for candidate

2 minutes- Conclusion by Board member

At this time, the Search Committee will leave to begin the interview for the next finalist.

The parents/teachers in attendance will be asked to record their opinions on the strengths/weaknesses of each candidate on index cards provided for this purpose. These cards will be given to the Board members/moderators of this session. This material will be used by the Search Committee in its subsequent deliberations. This material constitutes a Public Record under State Law and would have to be disclosed if there is a request for this record. This same process is then followed for each subsequent candidate.

12:15 ~ 1:00 Candidate B Search Committee Interview, followed by a 1:00 ~ 1:30 meeting as described above

By 2:00pm the Board member/moderator will present the written input on candidates to the Search Committee.

The parent/teacher session will conclude at 2:00 pm.

PLEASE NOTE Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide child care during this meeting. Parents are expected to make personal child care arrangements.