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September 6, 2018

Board of Trustees 
Agenda September 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Location: PVCICS, 317 Russell Street, Hadley, MA
Agenda (time estimates in minutes)
1) Call to Order
2) Public Comment (5)
3) Administrative items (10)
a.      Approval of July 6, 2018, meeting minutes – vote
b.      Reschedule October meeting to accommodate audit of financial statements
c.      Scheduling: DESE Core Criteria visit on April 30, 2019
4) Committee & Task Force Reports (30)
a.      Trusteeship (15)
a.      Nomination by the faculty of Faculty Trustee – vote
b.      By-laws Update (2.10) – vote
b.      Personnel Committee (15)
a.      Administrator Goals – vote
b.      Principal’s summative Evaluation - vote
c.      Financials (5)
5) Principal’s Update: Staffing (10)
6) Executive Director’s Update – votes (30)
a.      Accountability Plan – vote
b.      Enrollment/Facility Update
c.      Expansion Request/Headcount Charter Amendment Update
                           i.          Charter schools, integration, and equity
                         ii.          Change in DESE caps on charter school sending districts
d.      Response to proposed Charter School Performance Criteria revisions (due 9/14/18)
e.      PR firm engagement
7) Board Training: Foundational Skills for Effective Board Operation (30)

8) New Business (5)


9) EXECUTIVE SESSION for contract negotiations with Principal – Vote

The PVCICS Personnel Committee will enter into Executive Session per Chapter 30A Section 21(a)2 – To conduct a strategy session in preparation for negotiations with the Principal; - open session will not reconvene at the conclusion of the Executive Session.


As per Open Meeting Law, this announcement meeting has been posted in the PVCICS office and sent to the Secretary of State’s office, fax: 617-742-4822 and the Executive Office for Administration & Finance, fax: 617-727-2779