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Peer Tutoring

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What is Peer Tutoring?

PVCICS is pleased to offer a peer (student-led) tutoring program where students are able to receive free tutoring from high school classmates who excel in certain subjects. Currently, tutors are available for history, math, English, physics, chemistry, Chinese, psychology and biology. Tutors will work with students individually or in small groups (2).

Why is Peer Tutoring important?

Peer tutors provide assistance with homework and test preparation and help for students to master their subjects through deeper understanding.  Sometimes that extra help outside of the classroom is often all it takes for students to succeed.

Who can sign up?

Peer tutoring is open to all high school students seeking additional assistance in their studies.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge. Peer tutors receive service hours or are volunteers.

When and where does Peer Tutoring take place?  

  • Times vary throughout the week (ASH period, study hall blocks)
  • Peer tutoring is based on the availability of our volunteer tutors so please be aware that tutors may not be available in all subject areas and on all days.
  • Location: TBD.

How to get tutoring.  

Students can sign up here.   Tutors will be matched to a tutor and a schedule will be created.

  • As a part of the tutoring program, students must agree to meet at least once a week.
  • Students who sign up and do not meet at least once a week or are consistently late will be dropped from the program so other students may receive the service.
  • Tutors are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*PVCICS cannot guarantee all students signing up for a tutor will receive a tutor. We will do our very best to accommodate all requests.  Tutors are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and subject to their availability.